mini plain fire Rekindles yesteryear objurgate

If you are a sport-hater, the Olympic games can be torture — even when you leave the house to avoid the saturation TV coverage, you run into armchair athletes analyzing the everything from the suspiciously high number of gold medals won by the Chinese (current total 11) to the intricacies of the Greek basketball team (just who is that huge Baby Shaq guy?)

The antidote, of course, comes from the gadgets surrounding the games, seasoned with a little capitalistic cynicism. We bring you the Mini Olympic Torch, a 29 cm (11.4″) long replica of the actual Olympic torch. Fashioned from the leftover steel of the Bird's Nest stadium, this rolled and engraved metal tube can be had for $500. A bargain, especially as it is only available in a limited edition of 200,000. We guess that in a nation of one billion people, 200,000 is in fact quite a small number.

What's that you say? How can this count as "bling" without a Swarovski crystal in sight? The torch does in fact have the next best thing: a crystal base, laserengraved with the route that the real torch took around the world. It even comes with a silk lined presentation box.

Obviously I won't be buying one of these. But if I did, I would use it to light my Tibetan incense sticks in a kind of glorious mini-protest, a completely empty gesture against a subject I don't really understand.

Product page [Beijing 2008 Store via Oh Gizmo!]